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Friday, May 26, 2006

Out of the blue!

Today marks the end of my career with IBM Global Business Services. It was a very interesting time. Prior to joining IBM in 2002 I had been an independent consultant for 18 years. Zero bureaucracy. IBM has ~325,000 employees. As you can imagine, there is a need for a fair bit of bureaucracy in a company that size. I don't think I ever got over the culture shock, though. Starting Monday I'm back on my own. Back to zero bureaucracy!

And coinciding with my new-found freedom is the launch of my new website: (although it may be a while before the site has any substance to it).

I learned a lot at IBM. As a former freelance consultant, I often likened my time there to doing an MBA program in that I learned an awful lot about business that you never really understand or are exposed to as an independent. But unlike going to school for an MBA, and paying lots of money, I was paid lots of money to 'go to school'. But now it's over and I have Alice Cooper's School's Out For Summer running through my head!


  • Nice!

    Good luck in whatever and whereever you head to next...

    and please keep writing!!!


    By Blogger Martin, at 2:10 PM  

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