two solitudes: Alan Sawyer's views on the media industry

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Press: Modern consumer is no longer shackled to a TV set


The Gazette

Montreal, PQ

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

If television networks don't take risks with radical and diverse ways of showing programs, they will lose the fierce battle for evolving viewers.

Alan Sawyer of IBM Consulting Services delivered the ominous message to jittery TV professionals who are finding new competitors in cellphones, iPods and websites.

The modern media consumer is no longer confined to his TV set, Sawyer said. A new generation of "gadgeteers" expect their programming when they want, where they want and through the means of their choice.

They are turning to the Internet and their mobile devices to get it, and non-TV businesses are filling that need.

"DVDs, video on demand, digital video recorders and peer-to-peer file sharing are breaking conventional business models," he said. The challenge for networks is to meet that demand while finding alternate sources of advertising revenue beside the 30-second spot.

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